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Aiden app by Fur3ver Aiden app by Fur3ver

Name - Aiden

Nickname(s) - none(yet)

Gender - male

Age - 12

Birthday - December 13th

House - faeri

Rank - mountain patrol

Level - 1

Personality - Aiden is a moody trickster, to describe him best.  He likes pulling pranks on others, but it's never to hurt anybody, it's all in good fun.  If he does happen to make someone trip or hurt their feelings, he'll immediately apologize and invite them out for a milkshake or something.  He doesn't like dawdling for too long, and doesn't work well with anyone vaguely pessimistic.  Sometimes he'll go into random depressions, but as suddenly as it started it'll be over, and if you ask him about it he'll just say it never happened.

Likes - owls, the sky(both night and day), stars, Hallow, pranks

Dislikes - people who stay to the rules, hurting people, the ocean

Backstory - Aiden had a very normal life.  He was the only son of two middle class painters, and he loved it.  They didn't pressure him to do anything, even if they wanted him to be a painter like him.  He would always be watching the birds, he wanted to be like them, he wanted to fly.  Every chance he would get, whenever they went to the beach he would go on the cliffs, he would play on the swings, when they went on trips he would beg them to take an airplane to whichever place they were going next.  When he turned eleven, a boy not too older than him came to his house, saying that if he came with them he would be able to fly, and that he would be able to meet many strange but beautiful creatures.  He immediately accepted.  They gave him a mirror, and he met a strange owl griffin with six legs and a long neck.  They told him it was his spirit, and so, he named it 'Hallow', after its strange sunken eyes.  Hallow was strange, quiet, but protective of Aiden, and they immediately became best friends.  They would always wander around the hills, watching birds, and the brunette would long for the other when he had to go home to his parents or go to school.  That soon changed, though, when he met the girl of his dreams.  She had short, black hair, eyes that sparkled, a smile that sent shivers up his spine, and she was a prankster.  She first met him in school when he accidentally came across one of her pranks, a bucket of water above a door.  She apologized, saying that it was meant for something else.  They started talking all the time, and eventually they fell in love.  About the same time, a strange man started showing up at his house at random times, wanting commissions from his parents.  He shrugged it off.   He didn't care that he was too young, he asked her out, and she accepted.  He started neglecting his house duties to spend time with her.  He decided the spirit life was not for him, and he told them that he had to meet with the leader soon.  They scheduled a meeting.  But the day before the meeting, when he went home, what he found horrified him.  His parents were dead, murdered, and his girlfriend was there too, also dead.  There was a single note on the floor, written in blue pen ink, the same that the man had written his checks in.  "Maybe you should ask permission to date a person's daughter first'.  She had told Aiden about her dad before, he was very religious and had a strict code of honor, and had a hot temper.  But....Aiden never thought he was...this strict....  He cried for hours.  He went to the meeting anyways the next day, though, 'This life is perfect for me.  I'm sorry for neglecting my duties lately...but consider me a new person now.  When can I start again?'


Name - Hallow

Gender - male

Elemental Ability - sound manipulation - Hallow can make people hear things.  The only thing he can't really replicate is human speaking. He sure can make a good whispering noise, though.

Weapon / Fighting Style - claws and beak

Personality - Hallow is quiet and shy, but he is also jealous.  He loves spending time with Aiden, and would do anything for him.  He doesn't really have a sense of humor, and can be a little harsh at times, but he means well.


Relations - none yet

Other information - (will be added soon)

Roleplay example - Pocket-Felines, Aoi - Aoi padded soundlessly through the forest. It was one good thing about being a 'ghost', even with all the red and orange leaves covering the ground, he could choose to be silent. As such, no one would hear him coming to kill them. But right now, he had no missions, despite the recent events. So he went into the forest to get some (hopefully) alone times, WITHOUT Zama constantly bugging him. But he had no such luck and when he came across the she-cat, he snapped a twig on the ground to make his presence known and put a smile on. "Oh, hello there. Did you come out here to relax too?" he asked cheerfully.

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Litriu Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh... Hollow is... Gorgeous, man. Just incredible.
Fur3ver Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sw5trgfyudn thank yoooou <333 I've always thought barn owls' faces were always really creepy but beautiful.  I hope to do a painting of him soon to show a more detailed...uh, thing of what he looks like, haha.  Your spirit is not half bad either! :heart:
tinyfrou Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hollow looks rad heuheuheu
Fur3ver Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
euhehhe thank yooou vwv 
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