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I wish I could touch your face, caress it by Fur3ver I wish I could touch your face, caress it by Fur3ver
I know there is no guarantee that I'll even get to keep the design, but I love him sooo much~
So for now, have some creepy Aoi c:
This is inspired by a song
I really want to make an amv with the song, but well I haven't even roleplayed him yet >.<;
plus he's still a kit lmao
Anyone want to roleplay with him?
Yeah, he's not officially in the group yet, but still
Oh and this would probably be...later in his life
I'm pretty proud of this, so I'd say 30 exp points >u<
edit: Shoot, I forgot his brown/blonde hairtips.
so the good things first and foremost since there are a ton i will list them for you:
-perspective: you have improved greatly on this, before your poses were much more static but this pose is very dynamic and different. In other words when someone sees this they won't think "oh this looks like this" instead they will think of it as more unique.
-the eyes...those damn eyes are so awesome XD i mean it! how you coloured them is genius!! they stand out and are the definite focal of the picture! the expression in them is genius and that is the main highlight of the picture.
-the blood and the picture in the background add to the sentimentality of this piece, they give it a dark tone and automatically make the viewer try to figure out the theme.
-you did wonderful with the shades of blue off to the sides, really you did they look blurry and stand out while not detracting attention from the highlight..the eyes.
-next good point is the foreshortening. while it isn't the best it serves it's purpose and you can tell what position he is in, you can also see what is further away and what is close up so well done here!!

now here are some areas to improve in, not that i am going to be more picky now since you are getting better so i am going to pick at smaller things and details:
-the lines, they are ok and not blocky but they are overly thick and would probably look much nicer if you went with a thinner line, it would make it look more precise and professional so it is worth trying if nothing else.
-shading, now the highlighting looks ok, it really does, but the shading doesn't really blend with the colours so it doesn't look like shading. It looks more like someone spilled a bottle of ink in the character or something rather than you shaded it...but i will tell you that you did put it in the right spots so simply make it blend more and it will look great!
-also just work on posing more, you did do great here don't get me wrong, but you could improve at some points (mainly with the legs more than anything).

overview: excellent work! i do love this picture so continue to work on your style, it looks great X3 and wow the eyes!! love them to bits!! great work Punky~
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Submitted on
November 21, 2012
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