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Rin woke up, his vision was blurry.  When he could finally see, there were only mountains of candy and toys.  The thought of something sweet made him more sick than he already was at that moment.  He heard rustling behind him.  He got up and turned around, it was his fellow students.  "Urgh..  What happened?" he heard Konekomaru say.
   Rin didn't say anything, it would be pointless anyway and would hurt himself.  He didn't know either.  Once they had all woken up, Bon decided that they should all split up.  Somebody who didn't have a cellphone was paired with someone who did.  "Me and Renzo, Shiemi, Takara and Izumo, and Rin and Konekomaru." Bon listed off the pairs he had decided on.
   Rin smiled.  He looked to Konekomaru.  "Hear that, Neko-chan?  We're together." he laughed.
   The cat loving esquire just nodded, walking over to his newly appointed partner.  All of them started towards a different direction, and Bon and Shima stayed there just in case something happened.  The time between the two esquires was awkward and quiet, and it was starting  to get to Rin.  That is, until Konekomaru spoke.  "Rin, why are you so nice to me?"
   Rin looked back at the smaller man, as Konekomaru had been walking behind him all this time.  "Your my friend, aren't you?  I think that's a simple enough answer." he said and continued walking.
   Konekomaru had a guilty look on his face.  "I tried to kill you though.  I honestly don't understand why you still consider me a friend." the confused esquire said.
   Rin stopped walking, turning around to face Konekomaru.  He was about to say something, but an odd high pitched voice interrupted him before he could utter a word.  They both looked to where the source of the voice was to see a giant hobgoblin that looked somewhat like a harlequin.  "A fellow demon loving up to a weak human?  What a laugh!" it giggled.
   The half demon instinctively reached for his sword, but the hobgoblin didn't give him any time.  The demon went straight for Konekomaru, ripping into the poor esquire's leg with it's claws.  But by then, Rin was already covered in blue flames.  He sliced the hobgoblin in half, and it screamed as it dissolved into nothing.
   He ran up to the frightened Konekomaru, almost immediately examining the damaged leg.  It wasn't too bad, but there was already a lot of blood loss.  He ripped part of his shirt off, wrapping it around the cut as a temporary bandage.  "Can you stand up?" Rin asked.
   Konekomaru nodded, but when he lifted himself he just managed to fall over again.  Rin decided to carry the other esquire on his shoulders, and Konekomaru didn't seem to mind.  They continued through the wasteland like that for an hour or so, finally ending up where they had started where Renzo and Bon were.  "Hey!  Bon, Shima!" Rin called to them.
Chapter two of Sweet Kream~
Is the ship more obvious now? lmao

chapter 1: [link]
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